Monday, July 15, 2013

The Ballet

For Alice's birthday, we enrolled her into ballet.  To be honest, I could not tell if she liked it the entire time.  She wouldn't let me watch, wouldn't really tell me anything about it, and was rather mum about the whole thing.  I do have to say that I had a blast in the waiting room with some of the other moms who had kids Kyle's age.  We would get a scowl every week from the front office - 'You do know this is a ballet studio, not a play ground?'  yea, yea.

Anyway, the end of year recital came and it was really cute to see Miss Alice and her friends 'dance'.  Well worth it!
Kyle was a pretty good audience member, I was very impressed.   He may be a 'man of the arts'.
My beautiful Baby!
Proud Mama
The Saw Team
Alice and her G-Ma's
Celebratory Dinner!

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