Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Green Thumbs

We have started to plant a garden this year, and the kids have really been into it. Kyle is much more into the holes that are dug, rather than the plants. And Alice already picked my first green tomato. I thought I would have problems with the raccoons, but I'm having more problems with the kids thrashing the plants. :)

Digging the Holes
Labeling plants with Gramie
Playing in the dirt
Helping Mom out

No wonder parents have gray hair

Tom and I had the scare of our lives last night! We were in the backyard after the kids went to bed, and I remembered that I hadn't locked the front door. I went into the house to lock the door and noticed that it was slightly open. A little worried, I went to check on the kids and Alice was not in bed. I immediately went into panic mode and started to run through the Alice. Went outside and didn't see her, and started to yell for her. Yelled at Tom 'Alice is missing' and we both went searching. Right when I was about to call 911 I found her under her desk in a 'fort'. I don't think she answered me because she thought she was in trouble. Good god, if I let my weave grow out I think I'd be all gray! :)

Ironically, I did the exact same thing to my parents 33 years ago. Guess it's payback time! So better late than never - Sorry Mom for doing that to you!