Monday, July 19, 2010

The Mogensens Are Moving

On Friday, we went to view a house at noon (which I wasn't that excited about). Fell is love with this quirky palce in the North End, and put an offer in 4 hours later. The Sellers accepted, so if all goes well with the inspection, we're moving a whole 4 blocks!

This is a the craziest house we've seen, but both Tom and I fell in love with it. There will be tons of work to do, but we can't pass it up along with it's huge yard. So we are now scrambling to get our house on the market, so it's likely you will not see us for awhile.

Here's a link to the photos of the new house. Alice is very excited about moving, and keeps asking what she can take to the new place: Can I take my balloon? What about my pencils? What about my coloring books? It's been very entertaining.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Poor kids, little do they know how terrible the Cubs are this year.

Big Squeeze

Where's Kyle?

Rock On!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We LOVE Summer Time

Hubba Hubba

I don't need no front teeth for corn on the cob

First Ice Cream Cone


I'm hot stuff!

Alice and Mom are soooo mean!


When in doubt, check under the desk. Alice's new sleeping spot.

Happy 40th Kir!

We headed up North for Kirsten's birthday this June. Kir and Shane were nice enough to let ALL of us stay at their place. Yes, all 12 of us! They live in a mansion. :) We had a great time, watched Andrew in his last baseball game, ate a lot, went on a boat cruise of Coure D'Alene and played lots of games. Happy Birthday Kir!!!!!

Andrew had just hit a home run, and ran so fast he passed the base runner ahead of him. Ooops.

The cousins checking out the cows next to the ball field

Like Father like Son
4x4'ing on the mean streets of Hayden Lake

We had to throw in a little bday celebration for Anna

Ohhhh la la, Papa got a Kindle for Father's Day