Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mommy Mia

So I made the mistake of letting Alice watch Momma Mia (the movie)...which she refers to as 'Mommy Mia'. Not only was it a horrible movie (wow - really bad), it has gotten Miss Alice addicted to ABBA. Now I like ABBA when you're getting ready to go out or buzzed enough to think it's the best dance party music ever....but it's a bit much to hear every evening. Oh well, at least Alice has some wicked dance moves that make me laugh each time. Enjoy.

Makes a Momma Proud

Alice and I had the privilege to watch some of the Obama inauguration last week. I have to say that I was moved and inspired by this event, and it has rekindled my love for politics. It's been awhile since I have felt motivated to volunteer in my community and follow our political events, but last week changed all that. I really feel that a change is coming, and a positive one at that. Although Alice is too young to understand the gravity of Obama becoming President, I can at least remind her of the feeling of this day (and history books will do the rest).

Monday, January 19, 2009

Celebrating January 14th

We had a little family celebration for Alice's birthday on her actual birthday. We still can't believe she's already 2! We feel very fortunate and blessed to have such an incredible daughter to share our lives with. She adds more joy and laughter into our lives than we thought possible. Thank you Alice, you have enriched our lives more than you will ever know. Love, Mom & Dad
Kissing Mr. Moose from her Uncle Bobby
Taking her new stroller for a test drive
Dinner of Choice
Make a Wish

Big Girl Bed - Round 15

I have no idea how Alice fell asleep on the ottoman!!!! Honestly, that's the last crazy place we've seen her fall asleep...she's been staying in her bed for the past few nights. Phew. I totally under estimated how traumatic this transition has been. Thankfully, I think we have all finally adjusted. Now....welcoming a new sibling will be VERY interesting!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm 2!!!

We had Alice's 2nd Birthday Party this last weekend. It was jammed pack with activities at The Little Gym with all her buddies. The highlights were Bubbles and Balls (of course), and the goofy goody bags that included 25 cent bracelets, party hats and sun glasses...who would have thought they were going to be such a hit. Thank you to everyone that came to help celebrate this big day with Alice. Also thank you to Mike and Danny for being the 'unofficial' party photographers, we love all the great photos you took!!!

Icing the cupcakes before my big party
I'm ready for my close up
Gabby & Mia swinging

hmmm, how do I hoard all the balls?

Fletch taking it all in

The line up..hopefully we'll never see this again

A gaggle of girls

The Boys (Keaton & Fletch) with their scarves.....

I'm ready to party!
Monkey Cupcakes...they are meant to look like 'Boots' from Dora. Thank you to Gramie and Bob Bob for helping me with the assembly!!!

Paige enjoying her sugar high

Lilly looking very stylish
Mia looking super cool

Gabby and Cayla chowing down on their cupcakes

Max chilling in the corner

Bob Bob and Alice

Spaghetti Feed with the Cousins...Andrew ate 3 whole bowls!!!! It's the most I've seen this kid ever eat. Zannie LOVED the compliments!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ponds Lodge for NYE

The Grinnell's organized a great trip to Island Park in Eastern Idaho. We had a beautiful cabin and a wonderful time with everyone. We all celebrated in style to bring in 2009!

The scene of Ponds Lodge

Laura and Tommy Boy

Brian drinking straight from the bottle....classy!

Kevin and Renae

Erin and Mark

Who can pass up Dom...this prego couldn't!

Mark is learning about the walking stick, as Tom is trying his hardest to keep a straight face

The's to a great 2009!
Getting friendly with Stick Man


I loooooooove Chex Mix

Hmmm, do they look like brothers?

Erin is ready for her first outing on a 'sled'....10 minutes later she hits 2 trees. Ooops....good thing they got the insurance package.

Tom and Kevin having a moment

Go Bears

Unfortunately the Bears did not make the playoffs, but Alice had fun looking extra cute in the new jersey Aunt Erin and Uncle Mark got her for Christmas.