Sunday, January 17, 2010

Party! Party! Party!

Today we had Alice's birthday party will all her buddies. We headed to Pojos, which is basically a indoor games arena (and is pretty white trash). I appreciate all you parents that brought the kiddos for the fun and festivities, everyone had a great time. Alice was very happy to have her buddies there to play with and says 'thank you' for all her super fun presents! You are all so generous!!!

Decorating Alice's cake before the party

Keaton navigating the truck

Miss Gabby being coy

In control on the bumper cars
The men hanging out on the carousel....I love the 'manly' men hanging out on this girly ride.

Miss Paigey going round & round
Ski Balls for the ladies - Nicole, Bella, Lilly and Kammi....and Max is supervising.

Go Duncan...He later won 124 tickets on the submarine game!

One big blow for all three candles

Is that lipstick or frosting on Keaton? You never know since the poor dude is surrounded by all the lovely ladies!

Weeeee, loving the motorcycle

Alice having a Flinstone moment with Carmal

Kyle was all tuckered out from the party!

I told you Pojos was WT....look at what was in the bed of a truck we parked next too. Nasty & Creepy!

Sibling love!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Alice Is THREE!

Alice turned three today, incredible!!!! I can't believe our little baby is a big girl now. We had a busy day of baking treats, eating sushi, watching 101 Dalmatians, opening presents, eating cupcakes & throwing a 'three year old tantrum'. For all you moms out there that warned me 'the three's' are harder than 'the two's', I'm starting to understand. So fun!
Eating Sushi - Birthday Dinner of Choice

Apron from Nanny & PaPa

New Princess Nightgown from GiGi Alice
Very excited about her Royal Pots & Pans...she screamed 'Just like Anna's!' (who got a similar gift at Christmas).

Kyle looking on...he is only content when he is standing up these days.

Her new Bear from Aunt Erin & Uncle Mark (who is actually a dog, but she refuses to see that - too much like her father?). She has named her bear 'Kyle'.

Miss Alice got a digital camera and LOVES it! On the box it states: Made to be dropped and dropped and dropped again! I'm sure we'll put that statement to the test.

Say Cheese! Here are a few photos taken by our new Annie Leibovitz. Since our 'Artist' is currently sleeping I will take the liberty of naming these photos (since I am her art rep):

Conception - First Photo
My Hero's
Rounder - Alice is making sure the helmet is working
It's All in the Details (she likes to get close to her subjects)

Make a Wish