Sunday, August 3, 2008

Going Back to Cali

Alice, my mom and I made a quick trip to Cali this weekend to visit the Underwood clan. We had a wonderful visit with 'Gigi' and the cousins. We loved catching up with everyone and meeting Megan's son Luke for the first time. Alice and Laird became 'friends' and I was renamed 'Maura' by Laird. We had a great dinner on Friday night w/ all the cousins AND a call from Ben in Russia. We also got to go to Tierra Rejada (part of the family's farm) and had a wonderful time riding ponies, visiting animals and riding the cow train!!

Playing 'Boo' with Laird
Driving the Tractor

This is entertaining Alice any way possible so she doesn't kick the seat in front of us, who happens to be Sara Clemens!

Hanging with Gigi

And Bobby

Riding the Ponies

The cow train