Saturday, December 27, 2008

Big Girl Bed - Round 1

Alice vs. Big Girl Bed
Round 1
Here we are all snuggled up in our new bed
2 hours later after crying, lights on/off and calling for mom and dad to rescue her........


how is this more comfortable then the bed??????


Mark and Erin thought it would be fun to take the kids was very entertaining for all. Check out the old school toboggan that the Mogensen's have had since Kir/Mark/Tom were kids. It flies.

Here was Alice's maiden voyage....Mark saved them from hitting the jump mid-way down the hill.

Anna LOVED sledding, she went on every run once she came.

The Boys: Andrew, Shane and Tom

Christmas Day

Let the presents begin

Modeling the Airzooka

Erin looking very demure as she opens gifts

Alice and Papa checking out Nanny's Tastebook

Focusing on the blocks

Mark and the Kids
Anna had enough of her pj's

The brunette club

Alice hasn't mastered the art of a snowball fight...the snowball must be small enough to throw more than 6 inches

The snow stopped and it turned into a gorgeous day

Mark teaching Andrew a lesson

Alice can barely move in this snowsuit, too funny

Christmas Morning

Waking up on Christmas Morning

Santa brought a Big Girl Bed and Rody the Bouncy Horse (among other things)

Big Girl Bed is a hit...loving the Dora pillow

Dad got the Cubby 'Win' Flag, we hope to use it a lot next season

Opening more fun presents

Playing 52 card pick up with Dad

Continuing the present opening extravaganza

Mom gets a present or 2 as well.

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with the Mogensens, the whole crew was able to make it in for the holiday: Stockhams from Buhl and Mark & Erin from Chicago.
Andrew and the Big Man in Red

Mark helping out Alice opening up her gift from Santa

Andrew gives Santa a huge hug, as Anna watches with a leery eye

Alice watches Santa from afar, she's still not too sure about the guy

Erin's turn

Kathy gets some hugs from Santa

Mark is not too thrilled about his present of Velveeta

Alice still not a fan of Santa when he's in person

Alice snuggling with the bear and blanket that Santa brought for her.

Andrew is helping Alice by tying her bow when it came undone, how cute!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Tonight was the annual Friends Christmas Party. The night was filled with good friends, hilarious white elephant gifts and Santa with his Fire and Ice. Thanks to Danielle and Kevin for organizing such a great night. Also, a huge thanks to Colbi for putting together the awesome slideshow of all the fun events of 2008.

Dopko and Doc Schmoops...the beginning of the end for Dopko....

Poor Dana, she looks so scared of Santa
She had good reason to be scared...Fire & Ice

Ahh, friends again

The Jolly Chrismans

The Epley Brothers: Playa and Pete

Sarah somehow became pregnant during the night....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Homer is here to stay

Oh my, not only does my husband love the Simpsons, he has a new prodigy......check out who's hanging out in Alice's crib.....

Happy Holidays

We had our friends over for our annual White Chicken Chili night. It was a lot of mayhem with all the kids, but we all loved every minute of it. The highlight was when Santa dropped by for a little visit.

Cayla was by far the most excited, and was thrilled to share her Christmas list with Santa

Mia is much happier now that Momma Molly is sitting with her
Mr. Keaton was enamored with Santa's beard

I think Santa brought one of his elves named Fletch

Lily with the Man in Red
Uh Oh, someone is not too excited about Santa Claus

Feeling a little better now that mom's here AND she got a candy cane

Our attempt at a group photo, not sure why we even try there days...

Round 2 didn't go much better

Decorating Christmas cookies

mmmm, loving the sprinkles

Keaton and Fletcher snuggling

Alice and Fletch side by side