Friday, May 28, 2010

Mustache Palooza

THANK GOD IT'S OVER! Tom has been growing a beard for 5 weeks to get ready for Doc Schmoops' Bach party. All the guys thought it would be hilarious to all grow mustaches for their trip to Arizona. And I have to agree, it was pretty funny seeing the entire crew in mustaches. I can only imagine what all those hot little Arizona ladies are thinking when they see our middle aged husbands cruise into a bar with those mustaches!

My Hunky Man

Part of the 'stach crew

Never thought I'd see both my Dad and Tom together with mustaches....granted, I've never seen my Dad without one.

Full beard Tommy Boy

Kyle had facial hair envy, so he did his best to create one with a mouth full of mud the other day

and then tried again with Berry Pie

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

San Diego for One Super Fun Bachlorette Party

Wow, we all survived one crazy and fun bachlorette party in San Diego this weekend. A group of us from Boise went down there to celebrate Sarah's upcoming wedding and had a fabulous time. There are too many stories to detail on the blog, so we'll wrap it up with just a few photos.

The first of many, many, many drinks

Another drink during our layover in SFO

Cheers to Ms. Dopko getting married!

The end of night one...just the beginning of the trip

Flex those abs ladies

I had a pillow case made of Scot so Sarah is never alone!

The gang at the US Grant right before we go out for a fancy dinner

Of course the Idahoans find the one place in San Diego with a mechanical bull!

Taking cruisers for a ride in Mission Beach

Where Did May Go?

In a blink of an eye, we're already at the 18th of May, yikes! We've been running around with our heads cut off between our Anniversary, Mother's Day, Dinner with Friends, etc. Kyle is 'speed walking' now, didn't take him much time to get the hang of it. Now he's getting into more trouble than ever! No fear with this guy!

Chef Kyle

Kyle got his first introduction to sprinklers and Alice was running around like a wild woman.

It was a whopping 59 degrees when the kids were running around in the sprinkler....Burrrr!
This is what Dad gets when he gives Alice those return address stickers that come in the mail.

For Kyle's birthday we got the double wide biker trailer, it's been great! There is nothing better than biking around Boise in the summer.

When I stay home with Kyle, I put him on the one nap schedule...this was right after we went swimming. He hasn't quite adjusted yet.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We're Walking