Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One bite of a carrot

and a tooth came out!
While we were in Charleston, Alice lost her first tooth.  Super exciting.  My mom kept my tooth fairy pillow from when I was little, cute. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Miller Time

Miller the Elf is back! For the record, Alice & Kyle named him that, not Tom. The kids were super excited about his return, until Alice found that he is much more mischievous this year. He's been throwing pistachios & marshmallows around the kitchen, as well as taking things that are 'not his'. This little dude gets my kids to spring out of bed in the am, it's glorious! Here are just a few of his shenanigans:

Miller looks so innocent

but he TP'd the tree (and house)

thew their undies around and tied a few from the fan

Got into their Halloween candy, NOT COOL MILLER!

Frankenwollf Fest in South Carolina

We headed to Charleston, South Carolina to celebrate Frank and Matt's 40th birthday.  To the say the least, it was awesome.  Great freinds, weather, food and adventure.  I strongly encourage you to visit.  The boys golfed, the ladies shopped & lunched and we all ate a boat load of pork.  I don't know what it is about South Carolina, but they LOVE their pork!  Kelley and I even managed to pretend we were locals and ran in a 'Reideer Fun Run' with fake snow and all!  Truly a great trip to remember!

The whole gang at Kiawah Island

After their 'epic' day on the Ocean Course

The ladies at Husk, yum!

Kelley looking like a JCrew model

Me touching a impressed are y'all?!?!?!?

Where did November Go?

 Wow, I have no idea where November went. It started off with a million leaves in our yard, and ended with a trip to Powell Butte to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. 

We were warned, but I still find it amazing that ALL the leaves fall off our Ginkgo tree in a mater of a few hours.  Truly amazing.

 Ironically they were 'ballerinas' in this photo, although Alice looks like a Pirate and Kyle looks like a Pirate Geisha?

Not a bad view while frying the turkey in my parents backyard


Going for a little ride with Buzz.  The kids loved it, Buzz not so much.

Dear Santa - I want one of these!