Friday, April 22, 2011

We've Got Bangs

Here's the new haircut, no more hair in the face.

Kyle finds it very entertaining to make faces through the glass

His cool Star Wars apron we used while dying eggs

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Earth Day

Thank you Nanny and Papa for our rad swimming goggles! Don't we look super cool?

This is the last photo of Alice with long hair...took her to the beauty parlor to get bangs and shorter hair for summer. I told her she can either 1. wear her hair up every day OR 2. get bangs (b/c I'm tired of her hair in her face). She chose bangs.....although she started crying the instant we pulled up to the hair salon. Took some convincing, but she went through with it. I'll post photos soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Robie Creek - Check

Two months ago, I somehow convinced myself and Dana to sign up for Robie Creek. It was going to be 'training' for the Sawtooth Relay this summer. I have heard about Robie Creek ever since I moved to Boise. It has the title of 'hardest half marathon in the NW'...and I now know why! It's a #$%#$%#$ of a run! 8.5 miles straight uphill, followed by 5 miles straight downhill. Dana and I have been training quite a bit for this, dedicating our Saturday am's for looong runs, with 3 mid week jogs the past 2 months. It's been challenging, yet very rewarding. Thank you Dana for motivating my booty up those hills the last few months, and congrats on rocking the Summit yesterday! I was dying and started walking, but watched Dana practically run up the whole thing (which is unheard of - except for our rock star friend Cori). Luckily Dana had to pee at the top, so I could catch up, and eat some 'goo' from our friends Jen & Clayton. :)

Getting 'psyched' for the race

A documentary film crew were following Cori, and we were interviewed (no idea why)

Yes! This is yet another reason why I LOVE Cori, she is a stud runner and she still has fun!

Go Cori Go! Cori was going for her 7th first place, yet decided to pass the torch to a young thing to win. She still came is 2nd which is pretty freaking AWESOME! She's my hero!!!!

Here we are at mile 2, still feeling strong!

YEAH! We are at the finish!!!!

Beers to celebrate!

This was the only 'fun' part of the race, hanging with my girls!

Well, we didn't place in our age groups, so Frank provided this as our trophy! Believe it or not, Dana and I polished off a magnum of Champagne to celebrate. Another feat we accomplished in one day!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello Spring

We had a lovely day today, sunny and 60's. Yea, Spring has finally decided to come! We started planting the crops we plan to plant in the backyard. Hopefully I won't kill them while they live in the greenhouse.

Planting seeds for the first time, I hope they survive!

Working the Excavator that Gramie & Bob Bob gave him for his bday

Watering the corn and watermelon Alice planted

Ride 'em Rody!

Happy Birthday Mr. KaKa

We celebrated Kyle's 2nd birthday all week. On his actual bday we had a family dinner and presents. And this weekend, we had his Little Gym friends over for a BBQ and cake. It was hilarious having RowRow, LuLu, RiRi and KaKa all together. Hot dogs, mac & cheese & green beans for the birthday boy. No private time S'mores ice cream cake, YUMMERS! Here's the recipe Danny. I think this was 1 minute before 3 of them took a major tumble off, laughed and climbed right back on. Nerd ;) There are so many funny expressions, I had to post a lot of them. Let's get ALL the kids on the swing to see if it will break Kyle's first pack of baseball cards, Thanks Keaton!
We have two old toilets in our back yard that we haven't gotten rid of, luckily Luke and Mike put them to good use.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Frozen Peas

Well, these frozen peas are being put to work this weekend. I imagine most of you know why: The Mogensen Clan will remain a family of 4.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finally the Sun in La Quinta

As we were visiting my family in Ventura County, the weather was AWFUL! It was cold (for CA standards), overcast and rainy. We were very excited to see the gorgeous blue skies in Palm Desert! We had a great time with the whole Mogensen Gang! We don't get to see each other as much as we used to, since we are all in 'a plane away' locations now. We had a new addition to the trip, Gracie Girl! She is a doll and was super chill with all her cousins screaming and running around her. It will be fun to watch her grow up and play with the gang. As always, thank you soooo much to Dennis and Kathy for inviting us back again this year. We are a little worried someone in our family is not going to get the invite next year (Kyle) for breaking a few decor items. One item being on the $$ side! Sorry Nanny and Papa! We'll put Kyle in a bubble next year.

Hurry Hurry to the Fire

Let me tell you a little something about River Otters

The infamous puppet show without any puppets

Papa and the kids watching Nanny, Tom and Mark on the green. Pretty sure diapers only is a dress code violation!

Kyle, please don't break me too!


Searching for butterflies

Gracie Girl sunning herself in the shade, just like her mum

Dude, Where Are Your Pants?

Can't bet much better than this: Sun, Vacation, Mr. Kyle and Champagne!

Happy Birthday to Krazy KaKa!

Farmer Craig

One of the stops while in CA was to my Uncle Craig's children's farm. I've mentioned this a few times, but this is the neatest place to take kids!!!! There are animals, rides, games and pick your own veggies/fruits. So Awesome! I just wish we had a place like this in Idaho. Thank you dearly Craig for showing us around during your busy day, we all LOVED it! Alice pets a 2 day old baby goat Farmer Craig and one of his sweet (and HUGE) Percherons. The kids getting in touch with farming life This is a super cool turbine tractor they converted into a slide This is about 1 second before Tom landed in a mud puddle - Classic! Cho Cho Listening to the singing chickens Tricycle Races Watch out Alice, Bob Bob is gaining on ya!

Friday, April 1, 2011

CA - First Stop: Bobby and Charlene's Wedding

We just returned from a fun filled vacation in CA. The first stop was Camarillo to celebrate my brother's marriage to Charelene. In typical Bobby style, he called us AFTER he got married. Love it! I remember calling my mom a few months before this saying 'You do realize he is going to get married without us, right?' And he did. :) He married a wonderful woman named Charlene, who we love dearly. Welcome to the family Charlene and Amanda! This is my favorite photo from the day, they all look soooo happy! Well, this might be my FAVORITE photo: 1. I love seeing Bobby's new family 2. I love how he doesn't exactly 'blend' in

Here is my dad and his brother Jim...crazy how much they look alike!?!?!?

Here is my cousin Scott, we see each other at each Saw wedding...about every 7 years or so! Not enough. He is a very talented artist and photographer, check out his websites at:

He snapped some great photos of the family while he was there - Thank You Scott!

Alice and Kai (Scott's adorable son)

Line up of most of the kids

Here is the family with Charlene and Bobby's daughter Amanda

Mr. Kyle and Dad....Kyle was not feeling too hot this day, you can tell by his grumpy face.