Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer time is upon us

and we're celebrating with Popsicles!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where is Kyle - 2

Sunday Night: Under his bed
Monday Night: In his bed

Tuesday Night: See below

Poor Alice, at least she is a sound sleeper.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Baseboards are coming....

Our new baseboards started to get installed today, and so far, they are looking great. Thank goodness. Tom and I had no idea what we were doing while picking these out. So after long discussions and a lot of back & forth between the workmen, they are finally starting to install them!

Before...this is what we have been living with for the past 7 months. Gross.

After... Ahhhhh


My mom attended the CIA last week. No, not the one in DC, but the one in St. Helena. My dad gave her a 4 day cooking boot camp to the Culinary Institute of America. Super cool! Here are a few shots of her in 'action'!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Girlfriend's Birthday Garden Party

Yesterday Kelley and I hosted our annual Girlfiend's Birthday. This year was a Garden Tea Party, and sassy summer hats were the gift of the day. So fun! Thanks ladies for making the party such a good time.

Amazingly, the puff balls made it

Party Decor

Tea party setup

We gave seedlings that have been growing in my greenhouse the past month, along with gardening gloves

Me with my co host Kelley


These cookies took me three hours to make, thankfully Tom took the kids to dinner to I could focus on them.

Stacy gets the scarf, that is later stolen from her

Cheryl with the booze hat

Dana rocks a floppy hat

cowboy hat for Austin!

Danny got the hat I brought

Molly got the hat, and it was hers after 3 steals

Nooner (in her Grandmother's hat) and Carmal

Miss Wesley in her hat.

Ohh, the dishes we woke up to this am. :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Where's Kyle

Do y'all remember Alice's transition to the big bed? I do, and I'm reliving it!

This is what I saw when I walked in the room....must watch every step, or I might step on Kyle.

Hmmm, he's not on the floor or in his bed, is it time to call the Police?

Nope, just snuggling with his sister.

Goofing Around

Peek A Boo

We had construction in the alley for 2 days, the kids were glued to the window watching.

Kyle likes to dress up, in Alice's favorite dress of course. Not the fireman, cowboy, etc

The kids school fundraiser was a Luau...don't you love Kyle's coconuts. It's even funnier to hear him say 'coconut'.

A picnic/play date with Miles...yes, this is the infamous Miles. I think he was trying to get an 'in' with me, he wore a pink sun hat (channeling the Royal Wedding - y'all know how I'm a sucker for the Royals).


For Easter, we headed to Wendy and Jerrod's for a super fun egg hunt. I still can't believe how many kids we have, WOW! And we have 4 on the way to add to the bunch!

The's impossible to get 20+ kids to line up for one photo

Cracking into her loot

The Easter Bunny brought a water can, gardening gloves and a baseball shirt. He heard that mom was getting very tired of losing her watering can and gardening gloves.

Alice was very excited about the Tangled movie