Monday, March 29, 2010

A'Hoy Mattey

Today was dress up like a Pirate at daycare, and here are our 2 little pirates:

Alice heard that Pirates like stripes and went for it! Kyle looks like he's going to beat somebody up!

Shocking...he was OK with the bandanna on his head. :)

This is one of Alice's favorite things to do, sit in Kyle's highchair and have him push her around the house. We think he's secretly training for the Strong Man Competition.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ski Night & Purging

The Crew at Ladies Ski Night...I need to stand at the lower end of the hill so I don't look like a abnormally tall lady.

I purged all our girl clothes and gave them to Miss Addie. Thanks for being such a good sport Renae and taking all of these off my hands!
Kyle eating spaghetti

Alice decided the cold bathroom floor was more comfortable than her bed.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kids Will Be Kids

Treats and Dress Up are two of Alice's favorite things. This weekend was full of them...

This was after a walk home eating chocolate gelato

Cayla, Alice and Paige dressing up

The Fairy Princesses

Kyle getting in on the dress up action
Danielle made Smores for the kids...I closed all the doors in the kitchen to contain the mess.

Case in Point

Mr. Kyle fell asleep on a run, and the helmet did not help frame his cute face.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hippo Mouth

Kyle has more teeth coming in (thank god) and they have started to create a gap where his first two lived. One day Alice started calling him 'Hippo Mouth' and I stared at her confused until I looked at a photo of a Hippo's mouth:

Two teeth + one big 'ol gap!

Me gusta polenta! Oh, helmet update: He's within normal range, but they would still like to see some more progress. So we've decided to keep it on a little longer and get our money's worth. Plus, it's saving us from more visits to the ER because he would have countless concussions from the amount he bangs himself up.

He's starting to cruise around with his walker and standing on his own. Yikes! I don't know why I'm encouraging this.

The Shopkos Are Getting Married

The Grinnells and Mogensens threw an engagement party for Sarah and Scot this weekend. We were all very excited to celebrate their new engagement and kickoff all the fun wedding festivities ahead of us. Congrats Shopkos!

The Happy Couple

Winter Station - The theme for the party was 'Love For All Seasons'

Some of the Ladies

Spring Treats

Colbi and Darren

Summer Station

'Can you believe it Becky?!?!?!?!'

Fall Station

Me and the Boys - Jay, Mike, Jeff, Kevin and Tom

The Smores Assembly Line...notice the backlog at the chocolate/marshmallow station

Finished Product - Too cute!

Getting ready the night before

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Toilets and Tuperware

Just a few of Kyle's favorite things. What's with boys and toilets???? Alice never gave a second look at one until she was using it, but Kyle is obsessed! I thought our house was baby proofed, but it's definitely not boy baby proofed. It's crazy how different he is than Alice was, he's into EVERYTHING (including the stairs he's already gotten in trouble with).


Mom turns her back for a few moments....

Messy Marvin

My parents brought a dog gate when they visited so Alice could play without Kyle constantly interrupting her. Although she thought it was so cool, she kept inviting him in to play.
Keaton getting a taste of 'dress up'
Alice's drawing of Daddy

This is the day after 'the accident' before we had the final tooth extracted. Still smiling....