Monday, July 15, 2013


We got a notice a year ago from our insurance company that we needed to replace our sidewalks, walkway and stairs.  Grrr, just what I want to spend money on - concrete!  I called the city over and over, and finally got them to come out and replace our sidewalk - which ended up being almost all of it.  The sidewalk was laid back in 1908, and our neighbor remembers taking his big wheel over some of the larger 'bumps'.  Fortunately our concrete guy cut out the old stamp, and now we have a little reminder of it on our front porch.

Fun Fact: During the process, we had an Arborist come out and make sure the tree roots would be ok and found out our Gingko tree is the largest in Boise!
This was the worst one!  The kids took a few spills on this bad boy
Yep, pretty bad
Yea, the Bob Cat - Kyle's favorite new truck
What a mess!
The cement mixer!
It took 2 weeks to complete everything, and I think the concrete guy tried to get done as fast as possible because kyle would pepper him with questions ALL DAY LONG!

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