Sunday, April 15, 2012

Argh! Kyle's 3!

Since we were in CA for Kyle's birthday, we had a little delayed friend party. Luckily the weather was decent enough to be outside, so the kids had a grand old time running around.

The Pirate Ladies


I stole this idea from Pinterest, so cute!

Dinner in the Pirate Clubhouse

Pinata Time - This thing was actually well made and took FOREVER to destroy. Lilly using her t-ball skills

We started whacking the pirate ship with Keaton's wooden sword. This was about 2.5 seconds before he sword was destroyed! Keaton was not amused!

We graduated to an aluminum bat (after the sword & soft princess bat).

Come on Birthday Boy! Dad was super excited, Kyle was swinging left handed (yea, he whiffed this one)

We blindfolded the kids and had them Walk the Plank

Poking at the birthday boy trying to make him fall

Poor Lucy, she got a little freaked out with the blindfold.


The kids really wanted to plant seeds again this year, so we planted A LOT! I'm hoping the seedlings work this year, since we've started a little late. I will be sending out an SOS once all these vegetables/fruit start producing!

Easter at the Wongs

The crew waiting for the go ahead to start the egg huntThe older kids got the OK - Go! Go! Go!

Hmmm, where are the eggs?

Check out my loot!

The Diamonds

Alice has started to play t-ball this year with her buddy Lilly. She's liking it, not sure because she likes the sport, or hanging out with her bud Lilly.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CA 2012 - Third Stop: La Quinta

The last stop on our trip was visiting the Nanny & Papa in LaQuinta. We had a great and very relaxing time, including perfect weather. Thank you Dennis & Kathy for a perfect 5 days!

We had an early Easter egg hunt to celebrate Kyle's birthday

Such a good older cousin

Kyle blowing out his ghetto long match candles

He was very mesmerized by the toy Erin Barin gave him

Up, Up and Away!

Alice LOVED the pool, she was in it every second she could

Here is the theme of Grace's Trip - Must Have Water Bottle in Hand at ALL times. Too stinking cute!

Miss Cutie Pie (and water bottle)

Water bottle.....

Daddy and his two favorite little people

Nanny and her little squeeze

Rolling down the hill for the 100th time

I am surprised Alice did not come home with dreads!

Silly Goose

Just like his dad, Kyle digs the pool noodles


CA 2012 - Second Stop: Gigi Alice & Ventura

Next stop was hanging out with Gigi Alice at the ranch. The kids LOVE picking fruit when they go there, we spent the day picking oranges, lemons, blueberries & raspberries. As you can imagine, the kids were very 'regular' during this visit. :)

Of course we had to feed and hang out with the animals at the stand.

Little Alice getting a ride from Gigi Alice...seems like these roles should be reversed.

The next day we got to spend time at the Pidducks's beach house (thank you Suzannah & Will!!). It was the first time Kyle got to see the ocean, needless to say it was a very special day. Plus all the cousins' kids got to hang out, it was a great day (despite the less than perfect weather).
Alice & Gigi hanging out

The water was soooo cold, can't believe they went swimming

Kyle loved the sand...he even tasted it, which he did not like. Goof ball

Checking out the wild life

Laird is just chilling like a villain

Pure Joy

Having fun at high tide

CA 2012 - First Stop: Disneyland

We made our pilgrimage to CA at the end of March, and began the event at Disneyland. My parents came along with us (thanks Gramie & Bob Bob) and the kids had a grand 'ol time. Unfortunately Kyle was a smidge too small for the bigger rides, but he didn't seem to mind. Plus, Alice got to the use his Fast Pass to go on the fun rides quickly. We stayed with Teddie & Kent which was a treat! Thank you T & K, we loved spending quality time with you!
The Tea Cups - Barf.
Dumbo Fun - A Classic
Soooo Tired! Successful Day.