Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Camp Saw 2013

Woo Hoo, the kids were invited for another year at Camp Saw!  The day after we got back from Chicago, my folks took them for another adventure in Powell Butte.  They had a blast, and I enjoyed some down time to focus on the garden (and participate in Tom's golf tournament's social events).  Thank you mom and dad for taking the kiddos for another fun filled adventure in 'Cow Butte'!
Driving the mower

Dinner in one of my old homecoming dresses
This was a HUGE hit, remote control Hummers my dad found at a garage sale for $20!

Monday, July 15, 2013


We recently visited Chicago to remember Tom's dear Grandmother Maren.  She was a very influential person is Tom's life, and it was a beautiful gathering of family and friends to remember her.   We started our journey in the city for a two days, spent two days in Glenview for the Memorial & Family Reunion, and ended it in the city again.  Phew!  I'm not sure how we all survived, but we did!  Oh, and did I mention Tom flied out by himself with both kids!?!?!?  Nice work Dad!

Happy 4th!  Unfortunately, Kyle had just fallen.  NOT HAPPY!
The girls doing some damage at American Girl.
Lunching with the Ladies
Nanny with a few of her g-daughters
Ugh - Never again will I buy Sponge Bob Ice Cream Bar.  Gross!
Three little ladies hanging in the Bob
First Cubs Game!  
This is how I cool myself down in muggy Chicago
Hanging with Papa
Climbing the Pirates Mast
Ready to fight some fires

Total Rookie Move - Took the kids to Millennium Fountain hours before Gigi Maren's service.  Ooops.
Kyle exploring the Danish Home - Later that day Shane found Anna & Kyle joy riding in the elevator with the alarm going off.  I'm very glad one of the residents was not with them!
Andrew making sure Kyle did not let go of his balloon before it was time (since this was his second balloon already!)
All the Great Grandchildren
Sweet Bridget

Random Pixs

Such a sad face!
T-Ball - Nice Hit.
I HEART Cotton Candy
Picnic at School Carnival
End of Year K Picnic at the top of Camel's Back
The last day of school
Why not have green oatmeal for breakfast?!?!!?
We ALL Scream for Ice Cream!
View of the Sawtooths during our camping trip (more photos to follow once i get them from Dana).
Oui Oui

The Ballet

For Alice's birthday, we enrolled her into ballet.  To be honest, I could not tell if she liked it the entire time.  She wouldn't let me watch, wouldn't really tell me anything about it, and was rather mum about the whole thing.  I do have to say that I had a blast in the waiting room with some of the other moms who had kids Kyle's age.  We would get a scowl every week from the front office - 'You do know this is a ballet studio, not a play ground?'  yea, yea.

Anyway, the end of year recital came and it was really cute to see Miss Alice and her friends 'dance'.  Well worth it!
Kyle was a pretty good audience member, I was very impressed.   He may be a 'man of the arts'.
My beautiful Baby!
Proud Mama
The Saw Team
Alice and her G-Ma's
Celebratory Dinner!

The Kindergarten Graduate

Sniff, sniff, Alice Graduated from Kindergarten!
Woo Hoo!
Proud Family!
Best Buddies!
I want to be a nurse when i grow up!

The Cuties!

Singing a Tune


We got a notice a year ago from our insurance company that we needed to replace our sidewalks, walkway and stairs.  Grrr, just what I want to spend money on - concrete!  I called the city over and over, and finally got them to come out and replace our sidewalk - which ended up being almost all of it.  The sidewalk was laid back in 1908, and our neighbor remembers taking his big wheel over some of the larger 'bumps'.  Fortunately our concrete guy cut out the old stamp, and now we have a little reminder of it on our front porch.

Fun Fact: During the process, we had an Arborist come out and make sure the tree roots would be ok and found out our Gingko tree is the largest in Boise!
This was the worst one!  The kids took a few spills on this bad boy
Yep, pretty bad
Yea, the Bob Cat - Kyle's favorite new truck
What a mess!
The cement mixer!
It took 2 weeks to complete everything, and I think the concrete guy tried to get done as fast as possible because kyle would pepper him with questions ALL DAY LONG!