Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sleep Over

While we were at our final bowling night, Alice, Keaton and Kyle hung out with the baby sitter. Keaton didn't want to sleep by himself, so they fell asleep in the same bed. I'm amazed they actually fell asleep...and stayed asleep!

Bed Buddies

Alice and her big, big, BIG tower.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Kyle took a bit of a tumble at day care yesterday, poor little dude! He is one accident prone guy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Follow the yellow leaf road

We had the first really cold night the other day, and our front tree decided to loose ALL it's leaves in one day! I'm not exaggerating at all, it was raining leaves. The previous owners warned us that they all fell at once, and they were not joking.

This is a photo from the Mogensen's home early this am, pretty crazy how the clouds cover downtown!

Removal of the Death Trap

We began the process of removing the 2nd floor spiral staircase out. It was a little sketchy with 2 young kids running around, so we barricaded it since we've moved in. We have been living at the in-laws for the past 2 weeks, since our 2nd floor has no railing...a bit dangerous for our accident prone Kyle. We think it will be done early next week, so here are a few photos of our progress:

The Death Trap
The removal of the Death Trap

Framing in the stairs
Dry wall...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a fun Halloween this past weekend. It started with dressing up for school on Friday, and continuing on to trick or treating on Harrison Blvd.
Alice wanted to be a princess, surprise, surprise. She was Princess Tiana, and got all dolled up for school.
Princess Tiana and her side kick 'The Chicken'.

Round 2, Princess Tiana decided she needed wings.
Handing out candy

Cruising for 'chicks'

This is my favorite house on Harrison, love all the jack o'laterns.

We went trick or treating with the Thompsons (Duncan & Malcolm). Kyle is signing and saying 'Hot' as he looks at the smoke machine.
Found a rainbow while we were out

Hanging with the Chicken


Tom and I headed to Boston for 5 days to visit family and go to his friend Eric's wedding. While we were there, we saw Aunt Pat and Uncle Ken, as well as cousins Lauren and Andrew. Lauren invited us to stay in her row house in Charlestown which was fabulous - thank you Lauren!!! I cannot believe I did not take any photos of her place, it was beautiful!

Here is the foursome that got to know each other while studying abroad in Australia: Will (Ohio), Eric (Boston), Tom and Chris (Vermont).

We visited Tom's Aunt in New Ipswich, NH. They renovated this old farmhouse and it is GORGEOUS! She had us over for a lovely lunch of lobster rolls - yum! While we ate, we watched wild turkeys trot across their yard, so fun!

Will and his lovely girlfriend Emma. Emma is from London, and will is moving there in a few months.

The only picture of Tom and I during our entire trip.

The church the lovely couple got married in

Yep, Tom took me to see Fenway...can you tell, I'm super impressed.


Yum, officially ate his first dirt clod.

Here are two trees in our yard, I just think they're pretty. The one on the right is supposedly the oldest ginkgo tree in Boise.

Kyle's new obsession...brushing his teeth with the electric toothbrush. At least it's a good habit!

Yep, Alice still hasn't mastered the art of makeup.