Sunday, June 19, 2011

Early Harvest

Well, Kyle started harvesting our crops today. Unfortunately, they were not ready to be harvested. But...if you pick something in the garden you must eat it. Kyle ate this young tomato, and unfortunately LOVED it. So I am thinking about putting up an electric fence around my tomatoes. Just kidding.

What Mom? I just picked a tomato.

And here is his picking.

Tom's super fancy Father's Day Gifts: A trimmer and hose. Wow, so exciting. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Big Dig

This looks like a lovely garden shot

but it's not

Lurking below is a HUGE hole that Tom had to dig to fix our leaky sprinklers, grrrr! It's getting fixed tomorrow, so we can FINALLY turn on our sprinklers. Good thing it's been a very wet spring.

The kids enjoying ice cream cones with Keaton

and books with Gramie!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sawtooth Relay

This weekend I was part of a running relay team through the Sawtooth mountains. I have been

told that this race 'is so fun', but I have had zero interest in participating. Run and fun really don't belong in the same sentence. Well I have to admit, it was really fun! It's a race from Stanley to Sun Valley - 62 miles total and 6 team members. We each ran two legs and arrived in Sun Valley still smiling (as you can see below). Thanks to my ladies for encouraging me to run, and I can honestly say - I can't wait to do it again next year!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dance Party

We've been having a lot of dance parties at the Mogensen home. Alice is very into 'tunes', just like her dad. Sheryl Crow is her favorite artist, and dad has already taken her to see her live. But mom has had a little influence on her, I'm teaching her and Kyle how to dance to the cheesy radio songs like: I've Got A Feeling (which drives Tom mad). As you can see from the photos, Alice rocks out and Kyle likes to dress up for the dance party. Other than his outfit, he's pretty low key on the dancing, just like his dad.

Little Gym for KaKa

Kyle has been going to Little Gym for the last few months, and he has been having a grand 'ol time. He's in a class with three of this friends: RowRow, LuLu & RiRi. The gym is closing down, which is quite sad. We've been going to classes there since Alice was a babe.

Kyle likes to lounge at gymnastics

Miss Alice decided to join the party on the last day of the class

Don't worry, he caught himself

Upside down Lucy

Looking for bubbles with Stacey

Medal Ceremony