Monday, October 29, 2012

Baby Maddie

Love this photo of Maddie, Bobby, Gramie & Grama!!!!  Gotta love 4 generations all together!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


We headed to Wendover, NV to watch my Dad at World Finals at Bonneville.  We did not know what to expect, and ended up having a great time.  It was so much fun to watch my Dad race, see everyone's reactions to his car and just experience the 'old school' car world.  Although there is a lot of down time, we had a great time with my parents, Williane, and the Pit Crew (Mike & Ron).  I'm so proud of you Dad!  The work and dedication you put into this race was quite astonishing, and I'm so honored to call you my Dad!

Good Morning Salt Flats!

Kyle checking things out with the crew

Go 8118 - Robert Saw from Powell Butte

Getting taken to the starting line
Getting ready to watch Bob Bob run for the first time

Making friends with the starting crew

Waiting for Bob Bob to get cleared....rollover accident had just happened.  A little weird looking at you dad strapped into the car ready to go, and plume of black smoke appears from a crash. 

Team Saw Racing

Alice & Bob Bob

Are we on the moon dad?

The fenders draw quite a bit of interest from the spectators

Safety First!

Getting buckled up by Mike & Ron
And here we go....

into oblivion

We got to play a little bit too...riding Mike's fun little bike
First time on a 'motorcycle'

Kyle was obsessed with the salt.  If he wasn't licking it off the ground & tires, he was taking it off all the equipment & cars.

Woo Hoo, the parachute came out (2nd run of the day no parachute came out - ooops)
Bye Bye Wendover, until next year.....

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The End of Summer

I have not been the best picture taker this year, so here is a August/September download of photos from my phone.

We went camping in McCall with Gramie & BobBob, here is the tree swing the kids were obsessed with.

Kyle checking out the hot air balloons that they light up at night time.

Learning to Drive

Tired kiddos after a day on the boat with the Hopstads

Harvesting Tomatoes

Up, up and away.  The kids got to ride up in the balloons

Rowan & Kyle enjoyed their time on the ground more than in the balloons

Our first inappropriate public pee incident.  Yep, at the Dutch Goose.  Classy!

Ready for Blast Off

It's that time of year, Racing at Bonneville!  We're heading down there for a few days to see what this thing is all about.  My folks got down there yesterday, and are in line for the Tech Inspection.  I'm hoping the guy drinking a beer is not one of the 'Techs'!

Good Luck Dad!!!!!!