Monday, October 11, 2010

My Dad is a Stud!

When I heard my Dad was going to build a race car, I didn't quite know what to expect. Then I heard him start talking about buying a parachute to slow down the car and a flame retardant suit he had to wear...what?!?!?!?! Then I heard 'Well, I'm hoping to go 150 mph.' Eeeks!

Well, I am proud to report that my Dad ran his car at Bonneville last week and he rocked it! He built this car from scratch and raced it 6 times and made it to 159.5 mph. AND I still have a problems were reported. Yea!

Congrats Dad! I can't wait to come and watch next year!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tom Meets His Hero

Tom got to meet his favorite Cubs baseball player from back in the day, Bill Buckner. As luck would have it, Dana's family is good friends and neighbors with him. It was quite a surreal moment for 'ol Tommy Boy.

Happy Birthday Rowan

Today we celebrated Rowan turning one. And in true Grinnell style, the party was incredible! Here are some photos that Jen took during Rowan's fun day.
Rowan and Kyle bobbing for apples

Rowan not too sure about the bday cake

Fletcher patiently waiting for the go ahead

Dana did a balloon release, where everyone wrote down a wish, tied it to their balloon and let it go. It was in honor of their twin girls who share Rowan's bday.

There they go....

The fam watching the balloons float away

What a sunset!