Friday, November 20, 2009

We Are The Champions

Last night our bowling team took the high honor of the Beer Frame Bowling League Champions! Woo hoo! It was a very close match against the Three Hole Enthusiasts and I haven't been that nervous for a sporting event since my days running track (good lord, I'm a nerd). Thanks to Tom for organizing the league again and thank you to my teammates for another super fun year!

Here is the sweet championship trophy...a toilet seat that each winning team signs. Thankfully, it stays in the closet, although Tom threatens to hang it over our fireplace. But I think he knows I have final say on that, after all, his pinball machine is still in the garage (which he is still ticked about). :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks Gramie and Bob Bob

for watching our kids while Tom and I went to San Francisco and Napa Valley. What would we do without you?!?!?!?!

Here is a fun photo of the kids in my dad's race car. Of course Kyle is appropriately dressed. :)

So Tom and I headed to SF/Napa for a long weekend with our friends Matt and Julie. We literally ate our way through the area. Started at Slanted Door for lunch and A16 for dinner, delicious! I went power shopping, as most of you know, it's required because the shopping in Boise is not that great. We were planning to go to the Bear/49ers game, but couldn't find tickets (which I was not sad about).

Then we headed to Napa for 3 days. Tom and I have a friend from college that lives down there, so he was able to get us into some great wineries (Thank you Dev!). Went to a new winnery that we all thoroughly enjoyed, Cliff Lede. The guy pouring for us knew a mutual friend of Matt/Julie's, so we got more wine discounts! It's all about who ya know.

We did not have a camera this trip, so we bought a disposable one (didn't even know they still made those). So once we drop off our photos, I'll try and post 'em.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Good Old Friends

When we were in Chicago for Maren's 100th Birthday, we visited Tom's best friend from Chicago, Mike Colias. Mike and Tom lived down the street when they were wee ones, and they were the best of friends. Tom would get up at the crack of dawn, trot down the street in his jamies to ring the Colias' door bell and ask to play with Mike. Many a days he was sent back home because it was much too early to play. 30 years later, they still keep in touch and have kids the same age. Here is an adorable photo of Tom, Alice, Nico and Mike.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wrigley Bleacher Babe

This is what happens when your 2.5 year old dresses herself every day before school. She can find the one shirt in the dresser that is waaaay too small, pair it up with some sparkle shoes and head out the door. She is officially ready for the Wrigley Field Bleachers (with the rest of the tarts). Sorry Alice, I'm not calling you a tart, that reference was for your Aunt Erin.

Here is a picture of Aunt Erin dressed up as a Wrigley Field Tart and Uncle Mark as a White Trash White Sox fan.
First introduction to the sippy cup
Mr. Happy
Sigh, our living room was clean and 5 minutes later...this! What the heck?!?!?!?!?! Blocks dumped on floor, mom's purse emptied, coloring books out, blankets all over the place, etc.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

We had a great Halloween yesterday. We started out by trick or treating on Harrison Blvd which is insane. All the homes really get into it, and kids from all over the area come to join in on the fun. We hit it early because around 7pm, there are lines up to every house and you can barely walk up and down the sidewalks. Then we headed to the Thompsons for Malcom's bday party and handed out candy to all the trick or treaters.

The fairy princesses

And we're off......
The start of trick of treating. Alice loved it and kept saying 'I want to fill my pumpkin to the top.' I don't think so, someone was getting a little greedy with her first trick or treating experience.

A Wild Thing and cool

Shark Boy chilling

CT and Malcom

Baby Rowan as a cute crustacean

Keaton and Alice handing out candy to the hundreds of trick or treaters (and I'm not exaggerating on the #)

Here is the line to collect candy...every house had a line!

Charlie Brown times 2. You couldn't get too close to Matt because the permanent marker smell was soooo STRONG.

Serving up yummy birthday cake for Malcom's bday