Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Alice!

We celebrated Alice's 5th birthday with a Princess Tea Party. She had a few friends over for games, lunch, dress up and pinata!

Here was the table setup...and notice the dollhouse in the background. It use to be mine, any my mom spiffed it up and brought it for Alice.

Barbie Cake! The last 'wheat' cake for Miss Alice.
Alice's Place Setting

Bracelet making station

Miles "The Prince" was dancing with all the damsels

Pin the Crown on the Ballerina


Poor Barbie Cake!

Enjoying her that Mermaid cake


Time to open the presents

Pinata Time! Alice has always wanted one, and this year was prefect since we haven't had any snow yet.

The crew was chanting 'Go Alice Go! Go Alice Go!'

One swing and the mermaid pinata was beheaded! Very poor design!

The pinata became a torso

Who wants the head?!?!?!

Then it became just a tail.....


Friday, January 6, 2012

Buh Bye Wheat

As most of you know, Alice has been struggling with tummy issues since September. Out of the blue, she would throw up every 10 to 14 days. We have been to the doctor numerous times, tested for every bacteria known to man, been told 'it's just a virus', maybe it's an intolerance to dairy, etc.

This week we went to a Pediatric GI Doctor, which was a classmate of Tommy's in high school. And ironically, I met him this summer and said to him 'No offense, but I hope I never have to see you.' I jinxed myself!

Originally, he suspected abdominal migraines which requires daily medication and imitrex drugs to be given to Alice the moment she feels nauseous. After two days of being on these meds, she was drowsy and got violently sick again!

This morning Dr. Burpee (gotta love his name as a GI doc) called me. He suspects Celiac Disease. We had a blood test earlier this week, and with the celiac test they want people to test between 4 and 10. Alice's results was 54! To truly verify she has Celiac Disease, we are taking her in for an endoscopy next week.

I have started to mourn the loss of wheat for our dear daughter. I'm feeling sorry for Alice and all the choices she is going to have to make to avoid wheat in her daily life. It's going to be a shift in our day to day life, but we don't even blink an eye since Alice will be back to her normal self. I realize it's 'not that big of deal', especially when I compare this diagnosis vs. the others we were looking at.

So, if any of my friends and family have recommendations of blogs, cookbooks, products, websites that they have heard about, please send them out way. As you know, our family (especially Alice) LOVES good food.