Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Barbie Bonanza

Our dear friend Emma decided that she has out grown her Barbies, so she brought them over to give to Alice. So sweet! Needless to say, Alice has been in absolute HEAVEN!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Boys will be Boys

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It's time for the Big Boy Bed. Sigh. Kyle learned how to jump out of his crib this week. So rather than have him injure himself jumping out, we got him a bed. It was been an interesting (and frustrating) three days. Kyle LOVES his new found freedom. He is so proud of himself when he climbs out of the bed and shows us that he can leave his bedroom anytime he wants. Sunday and Monday we put him back into bed at least 20 times. Here are just a few things that we caught him doing: sitting in the bath tub playing with toys, brushing his teeth, putting the bath towels IN the toilet, locking himself in the bathroom, etc. I'm hoping this transition happens quickly, I'm tired!

Finally! Asleep!

This is the belt that I put around the door knob to keep the door shut. I sat in front of the door for a good 30 minutes last night.

This is just a really funny photo of Keaton I had to post! No Pants No Service Keaton!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Christening

Saturday was a special treat, we went to the Christening of Grace Elizabeth & Rory James. They were having a two for one deal for Erin and Nora (her sister). They had their babies 40 hours apart, so fun! Tom is the Godfather, so in addition to teaching Gracie about the Cubs and drinking beer, he will be responsible for her spiritual guidance (gulp).

My men hanging out before the big show

Aunt Kir and Papa trying to get the extra energy out of Kyle before the ceremony
Stunning Erin and Grace!


Nora and Erin with their cutie pies!

Proud Papa

Uh Oh Aidan!

I love this picture of Erin and Mark, it sums them up: Always laughing and enjoying life.

Gracie and the Godparents....and the 'Father' baptised Mark back in the day. Full circle moment.

I'm sure this is not allowed, but it was either milk in the pew or Kyle running to the alter.
The Mogensens.... Grandma Maren came to the brunch and it was a wonderful treat to have her there.
Kyle and Aidan hanging out...they were extremely slap happy at this point!
After a day of Irish Catholic rituals, Alice started to research other religions.

Meeting Baby Gracie

We traveled to Chicago this weekend to meet our new gorgeous niece Gracie! We LOVE her and were soooo happy to meet her. She is a doll! Erin and Mark are handling new parenthood as if they have had 5 babies already, we were very impressed! It was a whirlwind of a weekend with the Christening, Brunch and lots of family obligations...and all three of the Chi-Town Mogensens took it in stride. You guys are amazing!

The Ryans treated us to a fabulous dinner at Chicago Q Friday night, DELICIOUS! Thank you dearly Jim and Noreen!
Alice LOVED Gracie! She was one proud cousin!

'Gentle Touches Kyle!' He was very gentle with her, thank god!

Proud Papa
Nanny loving it!

Go Local

Tom and I have been trying to support the local guys this year, and here is one example: Milk Delivery. I LOVE it. It totally reminds me of my childhood and the milk cooler is so fun to have on our front porch. Boise folks, definitely recommend it!

FINALLY! Spring is coming!