Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Hanging....

Here are a few new photos from the past week. We had a relaxing weekend at home. Nanny & Papa watched the kids Friday and Saturday night so Tom and I could have some date nights. What a treat, thank you! We're heading to Redfish Lake this first camping trip with the kids. I hope I come back alive.

The Mogensen Pyramid

Starting to sit up with a little assistance. Look at that head control Gramie!

This is what happens when you sleep on one side every single night! We're hoping he doesn't become helmet boy!

I just think this is the cutest photo...obviously I'm a little biased.

Please keep all appendages inside the automobile!

I finally got a cute smile...not the over dramatic 'CHEESE!'
Talk to the hand Bro

Toddler DUI?

Yikes, eerily similar! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Alice's First Haircut

Our big girl had her first official haircut the other day. She was sooo into it, I'm so glad I appear to have a girly girl!

Admiring herself in the mirror

Holding very still....

The Adventures of Keaton and Alice

The Dahlbergs came over for dinner the other night, and it was a night of many firsts for Mr. Keaton......
Keaton's first ride on a pink Aerial bike! I think he's jealous because Alice has the Dora elbow and knee pads on.

Keaton's very first bite of corn...doesn't quite have the hang of it yet

Not too sure about his first run through the sprinklers!

OK, now he's got the hang of it!

Don't they look guilty?

Is it because Keaton was offering Alice her first beer?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Anna

Happy Birthday to our niece Anna! She's 3 today! We celebrated a few days early while they were in town. I swear, presents and birthday cake are the most exciting thing ever to toddlers.

We'd also like to congratulate Shane on getting a new job! We will now call him 'Professor' as he's going to teach up at North Idaho College in Coeur d'Alene. We're excited for the Stockham's new opportunity and will do anything we can to help out with the move.

Starting to open my presents

Big brother Andrew helping Anna out. Is that Stevie Wonder in the background? Oh wait, it's just Dennis being too cool for school wearing sunglasses indoors. :)

Yep, I'm 3. Super cute shirt Erin.

Check out Andrew's first permanent tooth

Trying to control the ladybug

Anna and Alice started to dismantle the cake before the Happy Birthday song even started. You can no longer be a germ-a-phobe these days....

Giving kisses to Uncle Mark

The local paper boy

Sunday, July 12, 2009

CCCC Swimming Pool

We spent the afternoon at the Crane Creek pool with Kir, Andrew, Anna, Nanny and the boys who had just finished their golf tournament. Thanks to Nanny and Papa for treating us to the pool when it's so hot in Boise!!!! We love it!!!!
Hanging on the side of the pool
Anna was a little reluctant to smile for the camera

Alice and Anna having a shoving match on the board, luckily no one was hurt

Mr. Andrew

Anna's big jump off the diving board

Crazy Andrew

Here comes Alice, miss twinkle toes

Facebook Coma

This is what happens with Mom gets too engrossed with Facebook.... I have no idea why I have to read every post from everyone. It's very voyeuristic.

I thought Alice was painting her hand...not her entire arm!

Alice went loose on Kyle...he didn't even object to the heart shaped sunglasses! I'm sure this is the beginning of many years of Kyle being the one that gets dressed up! Poor guy.

4th of July

Our friends Scot and Sarah invited us up for a fun weekend in McCall over the 4th of July. The weather was perfect, and it was heaven sent to escape the 90+ weather in Boise. We ate well and had a great time with the Wolffs & Grinnells as well. Fortunately the kids were well behaved, so I think the 3 other couples are still interested in having kids. :)

Our Little Firecracker

The boys cooking up some dinner

Sarah was making Kyle very happy with smiles

Yummers, Alice gets to lick the beaters to the Flag Cake

Sarah is decorating her masterpiece

The Flag Cake...with 13 stars
Kelley was putting Kyle into a deep, deep sleep

Cuddle Time

Monday, July 6, 2009

Road Trip: Destination Powell Butte

We went to visit my parents in Central Oregon, it was a great trip. The drive is 5.5 hours and the kids were awesome....we were both amazed at the serenity in the car. Guess that means the next trip is going to be dicey. There were lots of activities for Alice to do: feed the horses & ducks, visit the local carnival and play with lots of new toys.

I remember saying that I would never have a video player in the car, WHATEVER. I obviously said that before I had children. Alice caught up on a few videos of Dora along the way.

Mr. Kyle chilling in the back seat

Alice was becoming delirious towards the end of the car ride

Still happy despite not having a neck :)

Riding the Airplane with Mom

Homie Kyle sleeping through it all

Going down the slide with Dad, she was not too happy to discover you only got 1 slide for 1 ticket.

This is the diaper changing station at the carnival, nasty!

Making sure we are tall enough for the ride

Appears we have 1 more dog lover in the's 3 against 1. We'll see if the kids wear down Dad.

There were soooo many ducks, it made me a little nervous...Alice was bitten only once. Ooops.

This was the duck that was Alice's friend until he bit her...she told him 'That's not very nice!'

Here we are throwing bird seed

This is what happens when you throw bird seed directly into the wind

Feeding the horses that live next door to Gramie and Bob Bob

Here is my Dad taking out the race car he is building for a spin

Sunset as were driving to my parents