Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

Waiting for the go ahead to come down stairs.

Candy Land! Although the first time we played it, Alice was not fond of the licorice squares (which means you loose a turn)

Fun stuff from Teddie & Kent

Good 'ol fashion Mr. Potato Head

Alice & Kit...Santa brought her a dolly

Holy Guacamole! Too many presents!

Such ladies

It's hard to get Alice to smile for the camera anymore.

Princess dresses, matching robes and boots. What more could a girl ask for?!?!?!

Shane got some Elk urine from 'Buck'

Kyle was more interested in sitting & climbing on presents, then actually opening them.

Race car track, cool!

Everyone is getting a little sleepy and lounging on Tommy

Here is Kyle's cup...5 minutes before he broke it. Sorry Aunt Erin and Uncle Mark...he really liked it before he destroyed it.

My least favorite present of the season...a Bozo the Clown

Christmas Eve 2010

Tom and I hosted Christmas Eve, and had quite a lovely time. We had a house full of 12, and ate a yummy dinner with some delicious wine. Thanks everyone for making our Christmas Eve so wonderful.

Adults table

Kids table...Alice was in charge of the decorating and crafts

Tom working on opening the magnum....too him a good 20 minutes to get into it.
Crazy Kiddos

Papa..yes, he finally had a glass of wine after 6 months of being dry

Checking out Santa as he comes into the house


Oh goody...what am I going to get?!?!?!


Round 3 with Santa....still not liking him AT ALL

The kiddos (who like Santa)

Madalyn and the Big Man

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scary Santa

I think these photos speak for themselves....

North End Santa

We had our annual Santa visits the North End Party. Since we have all been multiplying recently, it was quite a big crowd. Thank goodness we have a bigger house to accommodate everyone!

Sniffing the Gingerbread house. By some miracle, it survived the night!
Santa has arrived!

It was hard to get the kids on Santa's lap in an organized fashion

Maci LOVED Santa. She jumped up and down so much, her pants were falling off!

Nope, Alice did not figure it out.

Group photo with their candy canes

Why do my kids like Homer so much!?!?!?!

Loving Christmas Time

Kyle is helping Dad get the tree standing straight

Opening the first Christmas as early 'Saw Christmas'


Tasting the product.

Ohhh, Kitchen from Gramie & Bob Bob

Don't ask...

Dancing for Bob Bob

Yorkshire Pudding, delicious!

One mean beef tenderloin...aka: meat log

Bob Bob & Gramie made a gingerbread house that Alice decorated. No kit for my folks.

Silly Kyle