Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby Grinnell's Shower

I hosted Dana's shower this weekend along with her good friend Cecily from San Francisco. Dana of course was a glowing mama and we are all sooooo excited to welcome Baby C to this world. Congrats Dana and Frank, we can't wait to meet your bundle of joy and watch you guys become the incredible parents we know you are!

The setting.....

Flowers...gosh I love doing the flower arrangements!
The hot mama to be with Sara and Julie

Lunch Time
Let the presents begin...everyone must have Goodnight Moon.
Ms. Colbi.... LOVE the bangs girlfriend!
This is a funny gift...given by the mom who has a 3 week old and has some 'ouchiness' with the breast feeding!
Grandma to be and Dana's cousin Melissa
Another essential...Small Paul baby gear
Miss Carmal (who is prego with #3)

Jealous...I would like a teething ring from Tiffanys for myself!

More table photos
Strawberry lemonade, this went like hotcakes (not the case of wine I got). Beware, i may be drunk every time people come over with my new wine surplus. :)

Frank the proud papa to be...he came to haul all the goods.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to tell if your child has a big head

  • You buy hats for 12-24 months, and they're too small when he’s only 4 months old
  • During your 4 month wellness check up, the nurse comes in for a second time to re-measure his head b/c she thinks ‘this kid can’t have that BIG of a head’
  • He is of Scandinavian decent
  • He has a very flat side on his head from all the extra weight
  • His head circumference percentage states: >97%

So, I guess my babe is extremely intelligent with all that brain in there. Bring on the big hats!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Introducing Princess Alice

And her side kick
Princess Kyle

Sorry Kyle, it's just so stinking funny!

To his defense, he wasn't feeling it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gi Gi Alice & Teddie

This last weekend my Grama (aka Gi Gi Alice) and Aunt Teddie came to visit us from So Cal. It was the first time my Grama has traveled via plane in about a decade, and our family was overjoyed to have her visit! Grama and Teddie got to meet Kyle for the first time, and I think he won them over with all the smiles & giggles he gave. Thank you dearly for coming up to Powell Butte and Boise, words cannot explain what it meant to both me and my mom to have you share our world.

More photos to follow, I just wanted to get a few up quickly and thank GiGi Alice and Teddie for their lovely visit!

Mr Smiley Face making Grama laugh, LOVE this photo

We busted out the jolly jumper this weekend, Kyle LOVES it!

Group shot

Getting some snuggle time from Gramie

Mom, Grama and Teddie at my parents house

Monday, August 10, 2009

I HEART Chelan

and my girlfriends! We had our 7th annual weekend in Chelan (well, Erin is the only one that's made it all 7 times)! We started in Seattle by going to a fabulous French rest. in Ballard called Bastille - yum. Then hopped in the car on friday for our 3 hour drive to Chelan. Once in Chelan, all we did was sit in lawn chairs and enjoy the sun & lake. It was a perfect weekend. Thanks to Erin (aka Vicki) for arranging all the details and making your fabulous pasta salad.

Natalie & Button

This is Aimee in Seattle before we left....please note she already has her swimsuit on!

In order to prepare for 2 straight days of drinking..... push ups and arm wrestling were in order.

Look at that concentration

You don't look a day over 28!!!

The Lovely Ladies before dinner

Beautiful Chelan....

The BEST pizza ever, Local Myth (we ate there both nights!)

Saturday entailed 12 hours at this lovely table....this was hour 10

This was our book club literature...lots and lots of OK!, In Touch, People, etc.

Aimee & Packy

Monday, August 3, 2009

Redfish Lake

We made it back alive from camping at Redfish Lake this weekend....barely. I would first like to thank the Dahlbergs for letting us take over their trailer and setting up camp. It was a great spot, right on the lake! I was a little worried about taking both the kids, especially Mr. Kyle. Oddly enough, Kyle was great and Alice was an absolute handful. Oh well, what are you going to do. Thanks to all buddies for not making fun of me when I totally lost it Saturday night. I promise, kids are fun....don't let my insanity change your mind.

More photos are on the Dahlberg's blog.

The view on our potty break on the way to Redfish

Total model pose

Keaton & Alice, good buds.

Sara taking a moment in the hammock

Danny & her little man

The Wolff's enjoying some delicious appetizers made by Ben and Sara

Relaxing on the Booze Cruise...his leg looks abnormally large, he's not that much of a chunker, I swear. As for the head,'s that big!

This sums up the camping trip, Alice is crying, Dad trying to calm her down, I'm trying to put on my best smile and Kyle being totally chill.

Toddler BUI.... Mike, not sure if a cop would accept 'But officer, it was his beer and I wasn't driving!'

The first of the group to jump into the lake

Is it cold Wolff?

Danny is slinking back down...didn't quite make the jump

Still totally chill.....

Keaton says 'You gotta fight, for your right, to PAAAAAARTY!'

No more screaming for this chicken!